Terms and Conditions

Service Provider is: Paceville Entertainments Limited (C 76425) of ‘The Penthouse’, Carolina Court, Guzeppi Cali Street, Ta’ Xbiex [hereinafter referred to as PEL]


By purchasing this ticket you are irrevocably consenting and agreeing to the following terms and conditions amongst others with PEL as applicable for this event:

  1. You hereby declare that you are over the age of seventeen years (17+);


  1. A valid physical identification document (consisting of a National Identification Card/Passport/Driving Licence) is to be provided at the door of the event premises. Entry will be refused if no such form of identification is provided. Moreover, PEL reserves the right to request you to produce such identification document at any point in time during the event and whilst at the event premises;


  1. Inappropriate behaviour in the event premises at any point in time shall not be tolerated;


  1. If it reasonably transpires to PEL that your conduct will be inappropriate and/or that you might be at threat to the safety and security of others, PEL retains the right in its absolute discretion to expel you from the premises or not to allow you entry;


  1. You are to present yourself at the event premises by not later than 11pm after which time you will not be allowed entry;


  1. If it transpires to PEL at any point in time and/or its management that you did not adhere with any of the Terms and Conditions as contained herein and/or you made a false declaration, PEL reserves the right to expel you from the event premises and no refund of the ticket paid shall in any way be provided.